LWLSS Sweat Bands
LWLSS Sweat Bands
LWLSS Sweat Bands

LWLSS Sweat Bands

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Sweat bands have had a reboot.

Ours are can be worn comfortably under your grips and are longer to absorb more sweat mid-WOD. 

These are gym bag essentials. 

Get yourself a pair. Or 3. 


15cm x 8cm (approx)

Made from:

80% Combed Cotton

15% Polyester

5% Spandex

📷 @johnnyrollinsphoto

Why choose us?

LWLSS was born out of passion and frustratation. Passionate about fitness but frustrated with the lack of variety and quality of products in the fitness space.

We only sell products that we are truely passionate about and use ourselves in our training.

We are passionate about selling products that are of the highest quality but making them available at a moderate price point.