The Face Behind Lawless

I thought I’d share with you guys a little bit about myself, Kris, the owner and operator of Lawless.

I’m a primary school teacher living in Geelong, a CrossFit coach and a lover of online side-hustles.

I started Lawless with the aim of selling high-quality fitness gear at a moderate price point. I was tired of seeing over-priced gear being sold that didn't last.

My passion is health and fitness. I want people to empower people to feel confident when they step into the gym, pound the pavement or go to a yoga class - wearing top notch gear.

I’m originally from a farm up in country Victoria, outside of Swan Hill and enjoy being back home and going for a run. I’ve done a number of endurance events including the Melbourne Marathon and the Geelong Half Iron Man.

I’m a huge advocate for mental health awareness, in particular anxiety and depression - aiming to remove the stigma associated with it, especially amongst men. Having personally had to deal with both of these mental health issues - this is a cause close to my heart.

Although it's tough as it’s been from time to time, the decision to give up booze 18 months ago has been by far the best thing I’ve ever done.

My wife, Jaclyn and I have a 6 year old girl called Molly, she’s a Blue Merle Border Collie 🐶😂  who we absolutely adore - even when she’s being a rascal!

We've also got a baby (a human one😂) on the way - due May 15th!

Finally, I’m a bit a of coffee addict (not a coffee snob 🤔) and am known to indulge in a double espresso before a 6am workout - even if it gets me seeing sounds 🤪

Huge thanks to Hannah and Zach for the sick photo!

📷 @handzaroundvideophotography