Mini Gym Timer (PRE-ORDER)
Mini Gym Timer (PRE-ORDER)
Mini Gym Timer (PRE-ORDER)

Mini Gym Timer (PRE-ORDER)

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Bring the gym into your garage during lockdown!
Our magnetic Mini Gym Timer is the ultimate portable training accessory if you can't train at the gym or can't use the main gym clock!
Boasting a huge 10hr battery life and all of your favourite workout timing styles including preset EMOM, TABATA and also custom workout.
Stop using your phone for timing, playing music and filming your workouts!
Hear that sweet "beep...beep...beep!" where every you train! So compact and portable it will fit in your gym bag or even your pocket! 

What's Included:
Instruction Manual
Access To App (Turns your phone into a remote)
Timer Functions:
Count Up/Down
HIIT (40/20)

156mm x 53mm x 24mm

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We only sell products that we are truely passionate about and use ourselves in our training.

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